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Melanie Caplan

Melanie Caplan was a toddler that didn't go through the age that all the kids ask the reason for everything. That's because she always had an explanation for everything - of course, an explanation created by herself and not necessarily the real reason for something! A natural behavior for a kid that had a judge and a lawyer as parents...

Being surround by thousands of books, soon she became an eager reader, and then a very creative writer. Working in movies, plays and musicals would not lead her into another job than writing scripts. This is her very first one, four hands written with her mom. By the time it was finished, she was only 6!

Luciana Caplan

Producer, co-writer and co-director

Luciana Caplan was very young when she felt in love with the Seventh Art. At that time, she used to spend all weekends watching movies - her record was 14 movies in a single weekend! 

After quitting her job as a Federal Judge in Brazil and moving to California, she decided to start working with her passion. Writing, producing, casting... a good way to use the skills that she had been developed the entire life... working with her passion.

Sophano Van

co-director, director of photografy & editor

Sophano Van is a Cambodian-American filmmaker from Long Beach, California. At the age of 9, Sophano received his first video camera. It was at that time that his lifelong fascination with film making began.This fascination lead him to pursue a career in film. In addition to cinematography, Sophano is also an experienced director and fight choreographer. Currently, he is seeking to expand the scope of his expertise by working on film production and distribution.

Darcio Nowitski Fao


Darcio Nowitski Fao is a Brazilian 35 years old hairstylist that started his career when he was 14 years old, by the influence of his grandmother. He is formed by the largest and best professional academies in the world. He lives in Los Angeles and runs his own studio located in the Salon Republic (Santa Monica, CA).

Carine Fao

Make up artist

Carine Fao is a 35 years old Brazilian make up artist based in Los Angeles. Make up has always been a passion in her life. She believes that it serves not only to transform a woman, but also to highlight her true beauty. 

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